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Reliant Email Marketing System

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A User-Friendly Self Service Email Marketing System

The Reliant Email Marketing System makes it easy to broadcast both plain text and rich HTML mailing campaigns at great speed and with full management functionality. Reliant Email is the top of the line when it comes to email marketing, and it's extremely affordable as well!

Build Attractive Email Marketing Ads with Ease

It's easy to create attractive and high-conversion ad copy in both plain text and HTML with our user-friendly Ad Builder. This highly functional and easy to learn editor comes as part of the Reliant Email service, and allows the user to upload pre-made ad content or build their own! If you already have ad creative, importing it into Reliant Email only takes a few clicks! The editor interface allows you to browse different uploads and preview the final look of your ad messages anytime. With the online editor, updating and editing your ad copy is a piece of cake!

Take advantage of our blazing speed by blasting out email messages at up to 200,000 per hour! †† Our Reliant Email internet-based marketing solutions handle every part of your campaign, including uploading and managing your list of email contacts - just select the list you want to use and click "Upload." Your email list will be rapidly transferred to your personal secure Reliant Email online account. From there, you can manage lists by logging into your account anytime; list management functionality includes duplicate removal, adding and deleting emails, and clearing out undeliverable addresses.

Broadcast at speeds that emulate a true bulk email server

Track your campaigns using one of the most sophisticated email systems

No more poking around in the dark! With our real-time tracking statistics, you can have a comprehensive overview of your campaign's success and effectiveness. You can monitor statistics both while the campaign is in progress and after its completion - view information on number of emails sent, percentage of opens and reads, ad click-through rates and the number of unsubscribes. Reliant Email online solutions also records start and end times of your campaign, and features an included scheduler that allows you to set the campaign to start automatically at your chosen date and time.

Key Advantages of Reliant Email Marketing System:

  • Extremely rapid mailing speeds, over 200,000 messages per hour.††
  • Full compliance with Can-Spam law.
  • Lowest cost and best value in the email marketing industry!
  • Doesn't force you into long-term contracts.
  • The ideal solution for self-run marketing campaigns
  • No local software to buy or download, all advertising email blast functionality works online.
  • By using our servers, all bandwidth concerns are no longer an issue.
  • No problems with your Internet Service Provider.
  • All emails are sent from our bulk messaging servers and use our bandwidth.
  • Deliver emails to clients of all major ISPs.
  • Log in and manage your campaign from any computer with an Internet connection.
  • Manage your campaign through any web browser.
  • Launch and manage email campaigns from any location worldwide.
  • Complete timing flexibility - log in and launch/manage your campaigns 24/7.
  • Password protection on your account and all email lists, all lists are only accessible by the user that uploaded them.
  • All mail servers protected against malicious attacks by top-line firewalls.
  • Built-in text and HTML editor makes creating and editing attractive advertisements and marketing emails simple and quick. Or you could upload ad copy or materials from an outside source with just a few clicks.
  • Personalize your emails by merging recipient data into them - automatically plug in the subject's name, location or any other information into the subject or body of your email.
  • Get full statistics and reporting on each of your campaigns.
  • Run more than one concurrent campaign.
  • Compare open rates between emails and campaigns to learn what works and what doesn't.
  • Automatically honor opt-out and unsubscribe requests to prevent customer dissatisfaction or legal difficulties.
  • All Reliant Email users are provided with a "from" email address.
  • Track bounce-back and undeliverables.
  • As emails are sent out, the software can automatically verify addresses and clear undeliverable addresses from your list.
  • Download all your lists with just a couple of clicks - get separate lists of verified addresses, undeliverables and unsubscribes/opt-outs.
  • Program interface is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Free tech and product support with all our software.

††: Mailing speed depends on size of account. Larger accounts are apportioned more bandwidth and therefore have higher outbound email send rates.

Below, you can view some screenshots of Reliant Email's user interface.
The well-designed user front-end makes it exceptionally easy for even inexperienced users to set up, manage and execute marketing campaigns:

Reliant Email Screenshots Demo

Create Email Marketing Campaign
Create Campaign

Create Email Marketing Message
Create Message
Manage Email Marketing List
Manage List(s)
Manage Email Marketing Messages
Manage Messages
Upload Email Marketing List
Upload List
Email Marketing Reporting

Free Test Drive


Take Reliant Email on a test-drive by trying out a free, fully-functional demo version. This demo will allow you to create a real Reliant Email user account and navigate it to get a feel for the interface and functionality of the system. The demo only restricts your ability to send out emails. To begin using the Reliant Email demo, fill in the form below. Be sure to enter a valid email address, since we will need to verify your trial key via email.


Email Address:  



After you submit the form and open the Reliant login page, use the login and password below to access the account.

Username: reliantdemo
Password: demo

(enter both in all lowercase)

Reliant Email Pricing
Reliant Standard Accounts: One time set up fee of only $100.00*
Reliant Gold Accounts: One time set up fee of only $199.00*
No Contracts - No Hidden Fees - Pay & Use as you go by the Month

Reliant Email Broadcast Email System Pricing
Emails Sent / Month Pricing  
100,000 $125.00
500,000 $250.00
1,000,000 $375.00
5,000,000 $500.00
10,000,000 $625.00
30,000,000 $750.00
50,000,000 $875.00
75,000,000 $1000.00
100,000,000 $1125.00
Unlimited $1250.00
Larger Packages Inquire  

* Standard Account Features:

  • 1) The basic account lets you upload your own contact lists and use them for your campaign.
  • 2) If you don't have lists of your own, you can purchase ours here: (General Email Lists or Targeted Email Lists

* Gold Account Features:

  • 1) Dedicated clean IP Address for maximum email penetration & successful delivery.
  • 2) Accounts also include Fresh Opt-In data. ($499+ value) All the data and lists we provide are prepared, cleaned, managed and updated by Horizon Advertising & Email Lists. We constantly work to maintain IP addresses that aren't hampered by ISP or webmaster blocks, which improves email penetration and campaign performance.

To find out more about our cutting-edge Reliant Email bulk marketing system, contact us anytime. Our service representatives are happy to explain any system features and answer any other question about our services.

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