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Horizon Advertising & Email Lists - Testimonials

Do you need a fast and low-cost way to boost site traffic and promote your business? We have been providing effective personalized consumer targeting services since 1997. We constantly refine our marketing methods and targeting techniques. Our experience has helped us develop a suite of highly useful direct email marketing services and software.


Testimonial from Neal McDowell

The success of my business depends heavily on our ability to market successfully via email. Working with "opt-in" email companies had some disappointing results, so we decided to find a company that could send emails to our in-house email contact list. We shopped around for companies both in the US and internationally, and we were lucky enough to find Horizon Advertising & Email Lists via search engine.

We got a great first impression from Horizon when they responded very quickly to our initial contact. Many companies of this type that we have dealth with in the past have taken days to return calls or emails. It was a pleasure to talk to real people on the phone, instead of having to navigate automatic menus on the phone or waiting on hold for hours, or playing voicemail tag with other companies.

As we were setting up our first email campaign, Horizon's communication was outstanding. They always answered our questions quickly via phone or email. Our campaign took place right on schedule and more important, we got 10 times better results than we ever got from any opt-in company. Also, the cost was far lower as well.

Since then, we've used Horizon in 3 more of our campaigns and everything always went smoothly, from campaign planning and testing to launch.

If you have a business that depends on email marketing, you can't do better than trusting the pros at Horizon Advertising & Email Lists.

Neal McDowell


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