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State Specific Business Email Lists

Find a Business Email List by State

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State: Total Records: Cost: Order:
AK 69,895 $99.00
AL 182,163 $199.00
AR 148,715 $199.00
AZ 527,227 $299.00
CA 3,234,360 $399.00
CO 378,975 $299.00
CT 267,826 $299.00
DE 48,407 $99.00
FL 941,815 $299.00
GA 479,185 $299.00
HI 86,303 $99.00
IA 161,125 $199.00
ID 98,957 $99.00
IL 884,499 $299.00
IN 280,360 $299.00
KS 203,733 $299.00
KY 156,107 $199.00
LA 208,115 $299.00
MA 521,075 $299.00
MD 315,143 $299.00
ME 85,661 $99.00
MI 466,973 $299.00
MN 327,341 $299.00
MO 375,274 $299.00
MS 80,260 $99.00
MT 95,672 $99.00
NC 387,791 $299.00
ND 33,791 $99.00
NE 141,011 $199.00
NH 117,165 $199.00
NJ 559,540 $299.00
NM 124,572 $199.00
NV 211,775 $299.00
NY 1,168,142 $399.00
OH 684,059 $299.00
OK 220,389 $299.00
OR 342,731 $299.00
PA 685,599 $299.00
RI 64,186 $99.00
SC 204,251 $299.00
SD 46,569 $99.00
TN 304,300 $299.00
TX 1,464,993 $399.00
UT 183,183 $199.00
VA 500,319 $299.00
VT 54,393 $99.00
WA 538,344 $299.00
WI 321,634 $299.00
WV 42,491 $99.00
WY 38,858 $99.00

Purchase Business Email Lists by State

Purchase specific state business email lists from Horizon Advertising and Email Lists. Whether you’re looking for a Florida business email list or a Colorado business list, finding exactly what you need is easy. All of the state businesses data which we have available is displayed in a simple to read table where you can find what you need quickly.

Looking for a California Business Email List or a Texas Business Email List?

Does your business require that you get your product or service in front of the eyes of people within a set geographic area? For example, lets say you’re an accounting software sales rep that is restricted to sell your software within the state of New Jersey. By purchasing our New Jersey business email list you will have the ability to reach nearly a million of prospects within your state specific territory. Here’s another example: if you’re a businesses broker in the state of Connecticut and you must work within the confines of your state, sending automatic email campaigns with the click of a button to businesses all across Connecticut would be an excellent way to bring in potential leads. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your state based email searches.

State Business Email Lists from: New York, New Jersey, Illinois & More

Need New Hampshire business email list or maybe a business email list from Texas? Or how about an Ohio business email list or a one from Kansas? Regardless of which area you’re going after, we have the perfect data for your needs. For instance, do you know that our North Carolina business list contains over 517,000 records? Or that our Arizona business email list contains over 680,000 companies, each entry complete with a variety of company information? Contact us for more details on our state business email lists.

24.5 Million US Business Emails Broken Down by State
Included Fields are: Email, SIC code, SIC code description, NAICS code & description, company name, contact title & name, street address, city, state, zip code, county, phone#, fax, revenue, # of employees and company web site.

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Premium AI
USA Business Email Lists

$2,999 for the Entire USA

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24.5 Million US Business Email Addresses
Included Fields: email, SIC code, SIC code description, NAICS code & description, company name, contact title & name, street address, city, state, zip code, county, phone#, fax, revenue, # of employees, company website

Premium AI
USA Consumer Email Lists by State

$179-$749 for Opt-In Emails by State

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142 Million US Opt-in Consumer Email List
Included Fields: full name, email, gender, date of birth, address, city, state, zip, county, phone #, website opted-in from & time stamp

A Variety of Great Business Lists:

List Description
Alabama Business Email List
Florida Business Email List
Indiana Business Email List
Kansas Business Email List
Michigan Business Email List
Missouri Business Email List
Ohio Business Email List
Oregon Business Email List
South Carolina Business List
Texas Business Email List
New Mexico Business Email List
Washington Business List
Virginia Business Email List

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