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Lead the Competition With Up-To-Date Opt-in Email Contacts

Looking for opt-in email lists that are fresh and up to date? Horizon Advertising & Email Lists offers large amounts of opt-in co-registration data, putting a reliable and continuously updated source of opt-in email leads within a few clicks! We gather and compile our data through an extensive network of online partners that generate opt-in leads with powerful ad-serving solutions. When a user opts in to mailings via an ad or a subscription form, we and our partners gather the data, clean it up and parse it into usable databases and lists. We then post the lists for our clients to download. You can check our website anytime and find fresh and up-to-date opt-in marketing lists with just a few clicks!

In today's unforgiving and heavily competitive internet marketing world, your success rests on your ability to maintain an extensive customer database and keep it up to date with fresh leads. Our opt-in email gathering resources make it possible for any business to keep a steady supply of new co-registration opt-in leads at a reasonable price.


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* 142 Million Opt-in Email List Records with Email Addresses

* Data Includes
: Email address, first name, last name, birth date, gender, street address, city, state, zip code, county & phone number. Time stamp, IP and website source are also included with each record.

Instant Download
Updated Monthly
Unrestricted Usage
Microsoft Excel or CSV Format

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4 Million
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6 Million
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10 Million
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142 Million
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Our Opt-in Lists Include:

  • Download Instantly
  • Data available in database-friendly CSV (comma delimited) format
  • Files can be opened in Notepad, Excel, Wordpad or any text editor

Each Email Data Record Includes:

  • First & Last Name
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Email Address
  • Time & Date of Opt in
  • IP Stamp
  • URL or Website Source of Where the Subscriber Opted-in.
  • Compliant w/ Can-Spam Legislation
  • Some records include Gender, Date of Birth & Phone Number.

Targeted Opt-in Email Lists and Related Data From a Large Network of Partners

We have a vast network of partners that collects opt-in email leads and provides them to us in a timely manner. The table below shows an example of lead lists collected over the span of one month on some of our partner sites. Note that lead counts and information sources may differ from one month to the next.

Leads p/mth*

Source Website

Leads p/mth*

Source Website



Other Unique Sites (Not all Listed)























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Horizon Advertising & Email Lists' will help you compile high-quality targeted opt-in lead lists, opt-in email lists and co-registration data feeds.If you have any further questions, contacts us today!

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