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Buy Premium AI - Worldwide & International Email Lists

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* Choose from 23+ million consumer & business data records from any country in the world
* Consumer Data Includes: First & Last Name, Email, Street Address, City, State/Province/Region, Country and Opt-In Source
* Business Data Includes: Contact Name, Email, Street Address, City, State/Province/Region, Country, Business Phone, Fax, Occupation Category & Website.


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Microsoft Excel or CSV Format


Country & Type Total Records Price Order
2,400,000 $895
400,000 $895
- Canada Consumer Email List
2,700,000 $895
- Canada Consumer Email Only List
10,300,000 $395
- Canada Business Email List
570,000 $795
- Australia Consumer Email List
24,655 $699
- Australia Business Email List
282,398 $299
- New Zealand Business Email List
42,446 $199
- Mexico Consumer Email List
9,000 $595
- Mexico Business Email List
265,000 $495
- Brazil Business Email List
329,752 $495
- China Business Email List
641,000 $399
- Dubai Business Email List
296,000 $399
- France Business Email List
136,862 $495
- Germany Business Email List
136,297 $495
- Hong Kong Business Email List
68,291 $495
- India Business Email List
256,000 $495
- Indonesia Business Email List
230,537 $495
- Italy Business Email List
80,055 $495
- Japan Business Email List
262,809 $495
- Korea Business Email List
166,346 $495
- Peru Business Email List
38,100 $495

Business Mailing Lists by US State - Starting from $99: Click Here!
Business Email List by US Industry - Starting from $79: Click Here!
Tool to Build a Custom US Email List by State, City, County or Zip Code: Click Here!

International Marketing Email Lists - Consumer and Business Data by Country

Horizon Advertising & Email Lists provides and maintains 23+ million email records for international businesses and consumers. Our lists are broken down by country, and most of our reccords include extensive personal data in addition to email addresses. To view complete details on which data fields are included, click on any database in the table above. All our global consumer & business email lists are available in a comma delimited (CSV) format for quick database import. If you have any more detailed or specific questions about our international consumer email list, please contact us anytime!

No more guesswork in your marketing campaign with our Great Britain-based business email lists! We make it easy to order lists of international email addresses; our ordering form allows you to easily sort the data and purchase by Type, Country, Price and Record Quantity, so you can buy narrowly targeted email record lists easy as 1-2-3!


Buy Lists of International Business, School or Consumer Information

Our lists of International Consumer Data are extremely comprehensive: they include first & last name, street address, country, phone and email. To see the exact fields that are included in each of our consumer databases, refer to the database table above.

Our international list of Business Data includes business type, company name, street address, region and a number of other useful information types. You can see more by referring to the specific database above. Are you looking for a list of UK consumers or businesses? How about Canadian companies? Our world-wide list of emais gives you an easy way to custom-search, buy and download lists of international records from Brazil to China, from India to Mexico.

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Horizon Advertising & Email Lists maintains and continuously updates a database of millions of consumer and business email addresses. We are helping thousands of customers conduct email marketing campaigns at all times. If you would like us to assist in designing and executing an email marketing campaign for your business, call or email us anytime!


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