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The 16 Most Detrimental Spam Filter Violations!

and how to get your email messages through major Spam Filters by avoiding them.

Many Email Marketers are currently making at least one of the 16 Most Detrimental Spam Filter Violations which *guarantees* they will fail in getting their emails through.

Don't be one of them!

And...It is FREE & instantly emailed to you!


Sad but true:


according to internet marketing experts, between 40% and 60% of all email communication is getting killed by spam filters BEFORE the messages ever reach the recipient's inbox!


And did you know that around 30% of all emails that passed opt-in permission is blocked anyway, before the recipient ever reads it?


This sounds ridiculous, and it is! Just picture all the money, energy and time that email marketers use to send emails that get intercepted automatically and never reach their intended audience.


This is why we developed powerful algorithms that helps email newsletter and marketing senders avoid getting their communications mistakenly intercepted by SPAM FILTERS, and ensures that your emails reach the email inbox of your subscribers and customers.


Help reduce the waste of time and money, and reach a wider audience by making sure all your messages are getting through!


How the Horizon Spam Detector Works:

This is a free tool, with unlimited use! You can copy HTML or plain text into the field. After you hit the "Submit" button, our system will analyze the message and use the Spam Assassin scoring system to detect any spam "triggers" in the email. The spam analysis and trigger scoring engine is continuously updated, allowing you to be sure that your message will be in compliance with the latest spam-detection technology. This tool will tell you which spam triggers your email contains, the spam alert score of the offending triggers, and the total spam score of the whole message. You can then edit the email and submit it again for a re-test.

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