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Mass Emailing Programs

Our 4 Software Tools Make Bulk Email Marketing Easier Than Ever


Reliant Email - Online Mass Emailing Service


Reliant Email
Accounts Starting From: $75
Reliant Email - Web Based Mass Emailing System

* 100% Online System, No Software to Download or Install
* Manage Email Campaigns and Send Emails Through Your Browser
* Ideal for Bulk Mailing Campaigns of Any Size
* Avoid Dealing With ISP Bandwidth Limits by Using Ours
* Track Statistics on Opens, Reads, Clickthroughs and Unsubscribes
* Extremely User-Friendly
* Free Demo Available


Platinum Corporate Mailer - Mass Emailing Software


Platinum Corporate Mailer
Only: $189
Mass Emailing Blaster Software

* Ideal for Small and Medium Email Campaigns
* Preferred Solution for Customer-Based Mass Mailings
* Send Via SMTP or Bypass Your ISP
* Installs on Your Computer
* Free Trial Version Available

Supersonic Email Collector - Internet Email Address Extractor


Supersonic Email Collector
Only: $299
Supersonic - Mass Email Collector  Program

* Incredible Speed, Collect Up To 50,000 Email Addresses Per Hour
* Target With Your List of Keywords
* Easy Operation - Just Click "Extract"
* Compiles Lists of Extracted Targeted Emails in Mere Minutes
* Free Demo Available

Elist Pro - Manage, Clean and Prepare Email Address Lists


Elist Pro
Only: $129
Elist Pro - Email List Management Program

* Compile, Manage, Clean and Prepare Your Email Lists Before Launching Your Campaign
* Eliminate duplicate entries from all lists
* Honor unsubscribe requests automatically
* Get address counts for your lists
* Split and sort your lists by domain extension or country
* Divide large lists into more manageable smaller lists
* Clear out invalid and badly-structured addresses
* Free Demo Available



1) For Sending Out Email Campaigns: "Reliant Email" and "Platinum Corporate Mailer" are both solutions that will allow you to send any quantities of email in bulk. Our 1st Option) "Reliant Email" is a fully-online solution, and is the perfect option for users who want to conduct medium or large campaigns in a way that bypasses their ISP and any potential trouble over bandwidth or mass email use that may entail. Reliant Email is based completely on our servers, and its easy-to-use web interface gives you full functionality and total control over your campaign. With no local download necessary, all you need to log in, access your Reliant Email account and begin managing your campaigns is a web browser!
Our 2nd Option) "Platinum Corporate Mailer" is a program that has the same functionality as Reliant Email, but comes as an installable software package. This solution is great for marketers who have an existing base list of customer email addresses and/or want to send out small to medium mailings.

2) Email Address Extraction Software: "Supersonic Email Collector" will quickly scour the Internet and extract large amounts of email addresses based on your targeted criteria. Just enter a list of keywords to narrow down your search and click the "Extract" button. You will marvel at the remarkable speed of this program, and will have tens of thousands of email addresses at your disposal in a matter of hours!

3) Email List Managment and Cleanup Software: "Elist Pro" will help you manage and clean up an email list, preparing it for your mass mailing campaign. The program can process lists extracted by SuperSonic, as well as user-provided lists. This tool is indispensable for any serious email marketing expert - with this program, you will be able to automatically remove duplicate entries, filter out email contacts that have unsubscribed from your mailings, get accurate counts of email addresses in all your lists, divide lists by domain extension or country, split lists into smaller lists or merge separate lists into one; Elist Pro will also help you eliminate improperly structured data, and much more!


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