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The 16 Most Detrimental Spam Filter Violations!

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Many Email Marketers are currently making at least one of the 16 Most Detrimental Spam Filter Violations which *guarantees* they will fail in getting their emails through.

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Email Broadcast Delivery System
Broadcast Email Software

Email Broadcast Software

Email Broadcast Software - Bulk Email Camplaigns Have Never Been Easier!

To help email marketers, we have created a full line of mass emailing software solutions that you can see listed below. With our software, you will be able to broadcast bulk emails in any amounts, at turbo speed! We offer free evaluation demo versions of all our software, so you can familiarize yourself and check out the functionality before committing to a purchase. Setting up and running downloadable programs is easy - just install the software, import an email list, load your advertisement or message into the program and you're ready to start your email campaign! All our software orders include free phone or email tech/customer support, as well as real-time chat on our site. We are eager to answer any questions you may have about our software and services, so contact us anytime.

Make Self-Managed Email Marketing Campaigns Work With Advanced Software!

All our email broadcasting solutions include a number of important features that will have a notable effect on response and conversion rates:

  • Personalization: Personalize email messages by merging the recipient's name into the body or subject line, improving open rates and click-throughs.
  • Monitoring results: Monitor campaign statistics at any time in the course of your campaign; details include open and click-through rates, deliverability and more.
  • Scalability: Conduct a campaign of any size - from several hundred emails to millions. Our mailing solutions can scale to accommodate your needs as they grow.
  • Ability to handle HTML newsletters - It's well known that rich text and HTML ads produce a more active customer response than plan-text mailings. All our mass mailing software lets you develop, manage and broadcast both plain-text and HTML ads.
  • Database and Application Integration - Our software is compatible with a wide variety of database formats and allows you to import data from database applications such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, Microsoft Excel, FoxPro and more. Have a large list of contacts in Outlook? With our software, you can import it into your email list with just a few clicks!
  • Technical support - Our software may require a certain amount of customer support for users without technical knowledge. We offer free tech support via email and phone, as well as live chat on our website.

Reliant Email

A Self-Service, Easy-to-Use Web Based Email Broadcast Delivery System

Reliant Web-based Email Marketing Software is a 100% online-based mass mailing system that lets you send out up to 200,000 email messages per hour without installing anything on your computer or using your bandwidth!†† It's never been easier or cheaper to set up and run a mass email broadcast. Even better, built-in statistical tracking on the Reliant platform lets you monitor the campaign as it progresses, viewing the number of emails sent and the open and click-through rate, as well as the number of recipients who have unsubscribed from your mailings. You don't even need to oversee the start of the campaign - our scheduler lets you set up a start time for your campaign, and it will run automatically when the time comes. If you're concerned about the legality of mass mailing, our web based email marketing system is always kept up to date and fully compliant with the latest Can-Spam regulations. Use our Reliant Email online service to send out thousands and even millions of advertising emails without breaking spam laws or angering your ISP! A MUST SEE! -

††: Speed depends on account size. Larger accounts get more dedicated bandwidth, improving outbound email send speed.

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(Monthly Subscription - click "More Info" for pricing)
(includes all phone, email, and chat technical support)

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Platinum Corporate Mailer

Version 4.60
Powerful Corporate Broadcast Email Software

Platinum Corporate Mailer software is Get industrial email marketing power with Platinum Corporate Mailer database-driven software.

Platinum Corporate Mailer is our flagship professional-grade emailing software that you can use to send out messages to large lists of targeted email addresses right from your computer. With our advertising email software program, you can create opt-in marketing emails and newsletters in a matter of minutes. Our software solutions also make it incredibly easy to manage subscriber lists, broadcast emails in HTML format, merge recipient name or contact info to make personalized messages, sending customers bills, reports, statistics and account statements and much more! Platinum Corporate Mailer is the best way to send permission-based mass emails faster than ever before!

FREE Demo available - click "Download"

Price $189.00 (includes all phone, email, and chat technical support)

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