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Email Advertisement Services
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Email Campaigns

The Power of Email Advertising at Your Fingertips

From first consultation to design, setup and execution of your ad campaign, choosing bulk email marketing will put you in control of a simple and effective marketing approach that will greatly benefit your business and improve sales. When you are trying to promote your service or product, the key to your success will be your ability to place your ad or promotion in front of customers who are specifically interested in it. Whether you do business entirely online or are a brick-and-mortar company with an internet presence, using direct marketing through email is a low-cost and extremely effective advertising method. Contact us anytime with any questions you may have about our bulk email service.

Email Marketing Campaigns Services


We clean, maintain and update our email databases consistently, to make sure that every contact we have is valid, accurate and deliverable. We import new email data into our database every week, and pass it through a smart filter that weeds out invalid or inadequate entries. The data is then imported and prepared for internet marketing. We compare all new data against our constantly-updated "unsubscribe" list, ISP and string filters, and a validation script. Cleaned and verified lists produce far less annoyance among customers, as well as far higher conversions.


Horizon Advertising & Email List has developed proprietary email database management solutions that allow us to pull complex data sets in a matter of minutes. Are you seeking to target your advertising to particular SIC or NAICS codes? With our database, you can! If you are trying to market to Insurance Agents or Brokers, you can restrict your email list search to SIC code 6411 and only get results from that industry. Similarly, General Medical And Surgical Hospitals fall under NAICS code 622110, and our database will give you a list of only those businesses that are part of that industry. We can customize searches geographically as well - restrict your search to a specific zip code range or a particular city. Whatever type of data you may need, we can compile the data quickly and get your ad campaign running in as little as a single business day.


Why should you entrust your email marketing campaign to Horizon Advertising & Email Lists? Because we do it smarter. All our emails are sent out in compliance with the US Can Spam Act. We equip all our servers with the most up-to-date mass mailing platforms that are always in compliance with online marketing laws and regulations. Every campaign you order from us also includes statistical reporting tools and information such as: the start and end date of your campaign, the number of emails sent, the percentage of opens and reads, as well as the number of clickthroughs to your website. After the campaign is completed, we will email you a complete compilation of tracking statistics as well.

Email Campaign Prices
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# of Emails Delivered
Cost p/ Thousand
100,000 $99.00 $1.00 Mainstream traffic order form online
250,000 $199.00 $0.89 Mainstream traffic order form online
400,000 $249.00 $0.62 Mainstream traffic order form online
2,000,000 $399.00 Special $0.19 Mainstream traffic order form online
3,000,000 $549.00 $0.18 Mainstream traffic order form online
10,000,000 $1499.00 $0.15 Mainstream traffic order form online
25,000,000 $1999.00 $0.08 Mainstream traffic order form online
50,000,000 $2499.00 $0.05 Mainstream traffic order form online

Horizon Advertising & Email Lists offers two types of email advertising services:

1) General Email Campaign Services
2) Targeted Email Campaign Services

General Email Marketing Campaigns

Do you have a product or service that may interest a general population? General email marketing offers a low-cost way to broadcast a broadly-targeted general ad campaign without targeting specific recipients in particular demographics. Some businesses that may be interested in a general campaign are appliance retailers or electronics stores - almost everyone uses and buys these products, so a general bulk email marketing campaign is the best way to promote your site.

Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

Are you promoting a service or product that holds an appeal to only a narrow group of people? You can get more bang for your advertising dollar and improve conversions and customer response by targeting your ad campaign to a specific audience. You can generate targeted email contact lists by sorting them based on categories that include Interest, Hobby, Gender, Age, Occupation, Industry, State, City, or Country! Does your customer base consists of men who like golf? Or female nurses in Minnesota? With targeted ads, getting the campaign you want is simple! Just pick the size of your campaign and answer a few questions that will allow us to generate a targeted marketing list for only $249 more.

It's easy to set up your Email Campaign!

This is how to do it:

1) Prepare your message or ad copy; save it as HTML, a text file or a Word document.

2) Create an appealing subject line to use for your marketing messages. The best subject lines are short, get to the point, contain clear benefit statements and capture the reader's interest. A strong email subject will have a remarkable effect on your email open and read rates, so put all necessary thought into it!

3) After you select the marketing package that best suits you, use the "Add to Cart" button next to its listing to purchase it. This will take you to our online order form where you will see further instructions on how to complete your order.

4) Campaigns are usually designed and launched within the span of 1-2 business days.

5 ) After your campaign starts, we log and track related statistics on our servers. Some of the data we compile includes: campaign start and end times, number of emails sent, percentage of opens and reads and number of clickthroughs to your site. After the campaign is completed, we email you all the email marketing campaign statistics we gathered.

Sending your email campaign on specific days or times of the
week can help improve the response rate by up to 93%!


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Horizon Advertising & Email Lists has provided comprehensive targeted email marketing and bulk email solutions since 1997. We'd be happy to answer any of your questions about building and executing an email ad campaign!

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