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Email Database Management Software
Manage Email List Duplicates, Clean, Split, Filter & More
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The Industry's Most Cutting-Edge Email List Management Tool Helps You Create & Manage Email Lists

EList Pro is our proprietary email list power management software that allows you to quickly and easily manage large email lists. Not that Elist Pro can't send emails or collect email addresses. Rather, this program processes your unsubscribe/remove lists, and is used to clean, filter and prepare your data in the run-up to an email marketing campaign. Preparing a proper email list is one of the most important parts of a successful - and, equally important, legal - email campaign.


We have engineered our software for maximum user friendliness, intuitive use and speed. E-List Pro can handle an email list of any size. Its functionality includes the ability to extract email addresses from any type of file, filtering undesirable addresses, separating lists by web domain, removing addresses, extracting specific email addresses from lists, creating lists from domains & user names, and sampling addresses.


In addition to email database management, Elist Pro also includes utilities to sort and de-duplicate files, rancomize files, combine or split lists, run counts on address lists, extract domain names or usernames from full email addresses, searching and replacing text in one or all files, and creating domain-categorized files with domain groups that are sized by the user.

Remove duplicate emails from Lists - Filter email lists

Key Benefits of Elist Pro:

  • Free demo functions for 5 days, download our software and try it out for yourself
  • Extract email addresses from files of any type
  • Add and remove email addresses from your master list
  • Include/Exclude Address filter lets users extract or eliminate email addresses from files according to user-defined filters
  • Seed unlimited user-specified addresses into your list
  • Split addresses by domain or save them into separate web domain-specific list files. Optional: set a minimum number of email addresses associated with any domain where the list will be split off into a new file
  • Sort your email database files by domain
  • Get a count on email addresses in all your databases or files
  • Find and remove duplicate contacts
  • Shuffle or randomize the addresses in specified files
  • Break one file into smaller files by specified increments
  • Append contacts to a file or merge lists into a single file
  • Use lists of usernames and domains to generate a list of email addresses
  • Or do the reverse - build lists of usernames on a particular domain by extracting them from email addresses
  • Extract domains from email addresses
  • Search and replace text in email lists, for example, change all .org top-level domains to .com addresses.
  • Group addresses in a repeating sequence by domain
  • Well-documented Help File will help you get started quickly!
  • Compatible with all Windows versions(Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003, XP, Vista & Windows 7). 16, 32 & 64 bit.
  • As soon as we receive your order, we'll email your user registration that unlocks the program for unlimited use.
  • All our software includes unlimited free tech support and product walkthroughs.

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E-List Pro - Email List Manager
E-List Pro - Email List Manager Software Bundle (Includes 3 Marketing Tools)
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