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The 16 Most Detrimental Spam Filter Violations!

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Rapidly Collect Targeted Email Addresses with the Best Email Extractor Software

Do you want to compile narrowly defined email lists of specific demographics with highly-targeted criteria? Or are you looking for large databases of general email contacts? No matter what your needs are, our advanced email address extractor will help you collect both generalized and highly targeted lists of email addresses - see results in minutes! Our software is extremely user-friendly and will have you up and running in just a few clicks; it's also the fastest email extractor on the market, optimized to search dozens of engines simultaneously and download hundreds of thousands of addresses per hour. Our extractors search a wide variety of web assets, including websites, directories, message boards and more, to find email addresses that match your criteria. Extract several thousand accurate targeted emails per hour!

Continuous Research & Development of the Best Email Address Collectors

Horizon Advertising & Email Lists only sells the highest-performing industrial grade email extractors. Our software developers have worked day and night to design software that is faster and more accurate than any of the competition. All our extractors are available in demo versions for users to evaluate the product and get familiarized with the interface before they make the purchase. We encourage all email marketers to download and review our programs and witness the difference for themselves. Trial versions of our email collectors have limited use options but are fully functional and will give you a comprehensive overview of the software. You can ask us any question about our email marketing products, contact us today!



Version 4.1
Multi-Tasking Email Address Collector

SuperSonic 4.1 is a newer and more advanced version of our original This product is the newly advanced version of the original Sonic Email Collector email collection software. SuperSonic has been redesigned with over 20 search engines to scour simultaneously, and with a speed boost and customizability that no similar program can match. SuperSonic can search for targeted email address lists based on a wide range of keywords, such as city, state, region, country, occupation, industry, interest and much more! The software can also split your lists by category. Input an unlimited number of search keywords or phrases into SuperSonic for non-stop 24/7 email extraction.


Are you trying to collect email addresses limited to particular cities, states or countries? With our software solutions, extracting those addresses and building lists couldn't be any faster or easier. Just list your location keywords in a text file, load them into the software and click the "Extract" button. SuperSonic will automatically collect addresses, while its smart filters eliminate irrelevant or incomplete results to make cleaning up the list easier.


SuperSonic is industrial strength software and the undisputed king of the email extraction market. Extract emails at up to 50,000 records per hour!

FREE trial available by clicking "Download"

Price $299 (includes all phone, email, and chat technical support)

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