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The 16 Most Detrimental Spam Filter Violations!

and how to get your email messages through major Spam Filters by avoiding them.

Many Email Marketers are currently making at least one of the 16 Most Detrimental Spam Filter Violations which *guarantees* they will fail in getting their emails through.

Don't be one of them!

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Use the Tool Below to Build a Targeted Email List by "City, State, County or Zip Code"

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Example: 33020, 33069, 33024
Multiple Zip Codes:
Entire USA:
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Email Lists

Purchase Bulk Email Address Lists and Email Distribution List Data starting from only $39.95

Horizon Advertising & Email Lists' E-List Service provides email marketers with access to 1 million global bulk email address lists for only $39.95 With this service you will be able to shift your efforts away from collecting and compiling lists to instead focus on the task of email marketing. All of our email mailing lists are cleaned and in a ready-to-send email format so that they can be quickly imported into any email software application. Want to know more about our email address lists? Feel free to contact us.

Why E-List?

There are three basic principles involved in executing a successful direct email marketing campaign. And no matter how experienced you are in email marketing or email advertising, the success of your email campaign is reliable on these three principles, which make up the foundation and root of the direct email marketing model. They are:

1. Reliable access to new and high quality prospect lists.
2. Optimized ad copy coupled with highly compelling subject lines.
3. Consistent broadcasting of your email campaign at clearly drawn out time intervals (repetition is important here, think of the frequency of television commercials.)

* After reviewing those three principals is there anything missing from your email marketing campaign? Do you need supplemental prospect email mailing lists?
* Do you require fresh lists on a consistent basis? If so, then you need E-LIST.

E-LIST is a service that will provide you with fresh and high quality email address lists as you need them. Accessing new email lists through E-LIST is easy. They can be accessed at any time, 24 hours a day, just by downloading them directly from our servers.

What about duplicate lists?

At the start of each month, a new selection of cleaned and filtered lists are uploaded to our server for download. Each of our email data files are passed through an advanced filtration process before they're made accessible. Some of the filters they're run through are our current remove list, string list and ISP list. This process sees that all potential undeliverable, duplicates, problem domains, networks, and unsubscribe quests are eliminated from our lists. What this all means is that whether you're purchasing 1 million or 30 million emails, the list you receive from us will be the cleanest possible—free of duplicate emails.

What deliverability can I expect from your lists?

As is stated above, our email lists are filtered monthly before they're uploaded for download. This means that our fresh posts are often highly deliverable. And while we work hard to apply the most ardent filtration process to our lists, no email list can be 100% deliverable. An email address cannot be compared to a physical postal address. And with good reason. Some email users may retain their email account for years, while others may retain for only several months or even a few days. It is best that our E-LIST users download and make use of their email address lists as soon as they are able. We receive good feedback on our lists and we're proud of their quality, and we know you will too.

How many email addresses will I have access to?

We have a variety of different sized bulk email list packages available. We give you the flexibility to select the most appropriate sized email address list that will best suit your needs. We can put together between 1 million and 100 million email records and have them prepped and ready for download upon confirmation of your order.

Quality over Quantity.

We're able to provide the very best in email list data because 100% of our email lists are passed through a strict filtration process. We're focused on quality more than quantity which is why our lists have such a high level of deliverability.

Our goal which each and every one of our email lists is clear:

1. 0 duplicate emails
2. All emails filtered through rigorously updated worldwide suppression lists
3. All emails passed through our String Filter
4. All emails passed through ISP filters
5. All emails are run against a validation script in order to keep deliverability as high as possible.

When you consider the fact that each of our E-LIST address lists are produced by taking quality into consideration instead of quantity, the outstanding results really aren't surprising.

Ordering Options: Place an Order
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1 Million
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3 Million
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6 Million
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9 Million
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12 Million
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30 Million
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98 Million
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(The above prices are processed as a 1 time charge - you will not be rebilled)
Download location and order confirmations are emailed within 24 business hours from the time of purchase.

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Horizon Advertising & Email Lists provides complete email address lists & email marketing solutions for its clients.  If you have any questions on how we can assist you in building and executing your email marketing campaign, please feel free to contact us.

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