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Internet Banner Advertising Campaigns
Web Banner Campaign
Online Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising

Targeted Banner Ads Boost Quality Traffic for Lower Costs

Anyone with experience in internet marketing understands how hard it is to assemble an advertising network that will allow you to target ads to visitors of a certain profile. With our web banner ad packages, you will get huge numbers of targeted website visitors at an exceptionally low price!

What is Web Banner Advertising?

Banner ads, as most internet users know, are advertising graphics placed on a trafficked web site. Typically, banner ad graphics are 468 by 60 pixels in size. Banners are effective when placed across a wide network of heavily trafficked publisher sites. We will put your banner ad on a range of category targeted advertiser sites, so you will attract and convert visitors who are interested in your products and services. Banner Promotion Frequently Asked Questions. Unsure which traffic package will bring the most benefits to your business? We Explain Here.

5 Ways Banner Ad Campaigns Can Benefit Your Business

1. Make your ad budget go way further! Banner ads usually cost far less to create and place than other direct advertising methods, such as newspaper, TV, radio or direct mail advertising. Additionally, banner ads allow you to target an audience more precisely than traditional marketing.

2. Creates exposure and brand awareness for your company or website. Recently-built sites can stimulate more traffic by promoting themselves strategically on various relevant websites. For instance, if you're a seller of home entertainment equipment, you can drive traffic with ads placed on electronics blogs or news sites; an office supply retailer can benefit by advertising on business-related sites. Internet banners also have a significant edge over traditional media advertisements because they allow the user to immediately check out your site and services, and if they're interested, to place an order on your site in minutes.

3. Incredible sales lead generation potential. When someone clicks on your ad, they are probably interested in your products. Banner ad click-through visitors have a high chance of conversion and will provide you with a database of high-quality, narrowly targeted leads.

4. Promotes brand awareness. By keeping your advertisements thematically consistent, you can increase recognition and branding of your business that will imprint itself on the minds of viewers. Even when a user doesn't click on the ad immediately, they still become aware of your logo, image and offers. With continuous reinforcement and consistent use of colors, text, logos and other elements, you will be able to establish your brand in the minds of the public.

5. Great statistics and restul tracking. When you order a campaign from us, you will have access to a customer administration panel where you can view the progress of your campaign, track numbers of visitors and even break down the effectiveness of each individual piece of your campaign. Tracking the performance of banner ads is a great way to review your copy and placements, and maximize the effectiveness of your targeted advertising by fine-tuning it based on existing data.

Our Web Banner Advertising Campaigns can be Directed to the Following Categories:

  • Adult
  • Entertainment
  • Casino
  • Computers
  • Games
  • Webmasters
  • Health
  • Recreation
  • Hobbies
  • Travel
  • Sports
  • Business
  • Gambling
  • Shopping
  • Debt
  • MLM
  • Beauty
  • Free Stuff
  • Finance
  • Home Biz
  • Diet
  • Credit Cards
  • Family

  • All banner ad campaigns are designed and set up in 24 hours.
  • All marketing orders come with free, comprehensive Statistical Reporting.
  • Get realtime traffic stats with user-friendly and easy-to-understand charts
  • Feel secure with our 100% campaign money back guarantee. In case your site doesn't get the visitor traffic that you purchased, we will give you a full refund!

Order Banner Advertising
Place an Order
# of Ads
Cost p/ Thousand
10,000 59.99 5.99 Mainstream traffic order form online
30,000 89.99 Special 2.99 Mainstream traffic order form online
50,000 139.99 2.79 Mainstream traffic order form online
100,000 199.99 Special 1.99 Mainstream traffic order form online
300,000 399.99 1.33 Mainstream traffic order form online
600,000 699.99 1.17 Mainstream traffic order form online
1,000,000 999.99 0.99 Mainstream traffic order form online

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