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Opt-in Email Advertising
Opt-in Email Campaign
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Opt-In Email Advertising

What is Opt-In Email Marketing?

Also known as "permission based" marketing, it's the practice of sending advertising messages through email to recipients who have expressly consented to receiving them.

This requires that the recipient specifically choose to receive information or offers related to their interests. This has the benefit of making it hard to run afoul of anti-spam laws, as well as targeting potential customers who are actively interested in your services or products.

10 Benefits that Opt-In Email Advertising Brings Your Business

1) This type of marketing works quickly, and you get virtually instant responses. You can log in and review meaningful statistics on customer response and conversion rates mere days after launching the campaign.

2) When it comes to methods of driving more traffic to your business website, a professionally planned and executed opt-in marketing campaign is the most effective way to increase web site traffic and channel interested prospective customers to your business.

3) Click-through rates on messages sent via opt-in email marketing campaigns are typically around 10-15% and can reach as much as 25%.

4) The advantages of opt-in email marketing over direct postal mailing include the fact that an email campaign costs a great deal less than snail mail. An opt-in email campaign has:

* No paper costs * No printing expenses * No postage or mail handling expenses * No return postage

Postal mail can cost as much as $800-$1200 per 1000 exposures, and has an average response rate of only 1-2%. Opt-in email marketing costs start at just $5 per thousand exposures, with email open rates around 10-15%.

5) We are experts at opt-in email marketing, and we make it easy to execute every part of your campaign, from designing ad copy and layout, to delivering projects. With our fast turnaround, your campaign may be completed in a mere 2-3 days.

6) Opt-in marketing are a type of permission-based marketing campaign. What makes it different from other types of advertising is that promotional messages in opt-in campaigns are only sent to recipients who consented to get the offers and information we are sending them.

7) Opt-in email marketing emails can be sent as plain text, or they can incorporate rich text, images, audio and video clips, pop-ups and other media. Moreover, with email marketing, you will have a lot more space and leeway when it comes to the graphical content of your promotional materials.

8) Opt-in email gets the reader's undivided attention, while other kinds of advertising such as banner ads have to compete with all the other page content.

9) Unlike banner ad based promotions, opt-in emailing makes it possible to put more than one link in your advertisement. With an opt-in direct email, you can give your reader the possibility to go to one of a number of portions of your site, for example by including direct links to the product pages of sale items.

10) Opt-in email makes it easy to track campaign statistics such as open and read rates. Advertisers and publishers alike can view their campaign stats after the mailings are completed. Opt-In Email Promotion Frequently Asked Questions

You can send opt-in advertising emails to recipients in these categories:

  • Affiliate Programs
  • Home Owners
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Sports
  • Home Mortgages
  • Internet Shoppers
  • Gambling
  • Books
  • Finance
  • Clothing Catalogs
  • Sales Management
  • Gifts
  • Office Supplies
  • College Students
  • Small Business
  • Free Stuff
  • MP3
  • Health & Fitness
  • Seniors
  • Credit Cards
  • E-Commerce
  • Surveys
  • Investments
  • Business Opportunities
  • Tax Preparation
  • Music

How To Place an Order

1) Create your Message or Ad that you would like to broadcast in your ad campaign. The ad content can be either in HTML or plan text.

2) Create a Subject Line that you wish to use. The best subject lines are concise, short, informative, attention-getting and not much longer than 4-5 words. A strong email subject line is one of the best ways to capture the reader's attention and improve the open rate. Using an attractive benefit statement is one of the best ways to improve response rate.

3) Pick the size of your Campaign Package by clicking on the appropriate link below. This will add the campaign to your order cart.

4) In the Cart, you can attach the Ad Copy and Subject Line, and select the targeted Audience Category.

5) 24 Hour OrderProcessing. After receiving your order, we begin processing and setting up your campaign in the span of 24 hours. Email broadcasting typically begins within 1-3 business days.

6) Free Statistics Tracking with Every Campaign. We log statistics on your campaign as it progresses; information includes: Campaign beginning and end times, email quantity, open and read rate, click-through rate to your site, and number of unsubscribes. All compiled email marketing campaign stat reports are sent to you via email once the campaign is complete. Our terms guarantee a minimum 10% open rate for your emails, or we will refund your money.


Order Opt-In Email Campaigns
Place an Order
# of Emails Delivered
Cost p/ Thousand
20,000 $99.99 $4.99 Mainstream traffic order form online
100,000 $199.99 Special $1.99 Mainstream traffic order form online
500,000 $399.99 Special $0.79 Mainstream traffic order form online
1,000,000 $499.99 Special $0.49 Mainstream traffic order form online
2,000,000 $699.99 $0.34 Mainstream traffic order form online
4,000,000 $999.99 $0.24 Mainstream traffic order form online
10,000,000 $1999.99 $0.19 Mainstream traffic order form online
20,000,000 $2699.99 Special $0.13 Mainstream traffic order form online

The timing of your email is important! Picking the right send time & date can improve response rates by up to 93%!


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